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The Campaign Overview

The experiences of life during war are powerful and are not easily forgotten. For many of Give an Hour's target audience, the things that happened in the past are affecting the present.

In this campaign, our pro-bono creative team of Capital One Bank's Mackie Blaylock and Chris Nott created mini-dramas that give the viewer quick flashes of past events in the lives of service men and women and their families. Some are intense. Some are simple but poignant. Each is chronicled using military time - allowing us to immediately connect with much of our audience and create a tone and sense of place for a general audience.

One set of images call the reader to "take action, contact us." And then the duplicate set of images call for volunteers and donors to "serve."


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  • Robert D.png

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  • Miguel V.png

  • Jasmine A.jpg

  • Nate A.jpg

  • John V.png

  • Eric DV.png

  • Corey DV.png

  • Selena DV.png

  • Robert DV.png

Give an Hour in New York City

Give an Hour flew over Times Square on the jumbotron on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue.

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We have already received a tremendously positive response to these ads. If you know of a publication that would be interested in running them, please let us know.

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