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ARNG Program Year in Review 2015

Posted by Erin Timmermans on September 1, 2015 2:45 PM EDT
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Give an Hour presently holds a Memorandum of Understanding with the Army National Guard to increase opportunities for Guardsmen and their families to receive mental health services. Give an Hour's national program harnesses the nonprofit's expertise in coordination and collaboration to increase awareness of the Give an Hour services and to work directly with local communities to create a comprehensive system of care for Guard families. Through partnership with Army National Guard personnel, we are increasing outreach to ARNG staff as well as members of the Guard and their families so they can directly link to our resources. Give an Hour has made great strides toward meeting the objectives for the ARNG initiative and continues to expand efforts and outreach. More specifically, we are pleased to report the following highlights:

Numbers and Impact

Therapy Hours Donation - As a result of the confidentiality and the terms of Give an Hour’s therapeutic services - we are unable to track the number of people who receive direct counseling services. Give an Hour requests volunteer providers to submit hours served on a quarterly basis. As of July 2015, 163, 283 hours of mental health services valued at over $16.3 million have been reported since 2007. This latest figure represents an increase of 37% (44,000 hours) in total time donated over last year and serves as an indicator for the increased need for Give an Hour services as well as evidence of successful outreach efforts for both service providers and client intake.


Army National Guard - Specific to this program, Give an Hour provides counseling and mental health awareness to the Army National Guard (ARNG). Give an Hour surpassed its goal of 26 states; increasing the level of collaboration with National Guard personnel, mental health associations, community organizations, coalitions, and employers in 42 states. A statistical snap shot for the previous grant year is reported below in these categories.


Provider Recruitment: Increased the number of providers by 107 for a total 4,150 in the 26 focus states. Staff engaged in 115 hours on telephonic, face to face and virtual outreach to mental health associations reaching 27 states.


Organizational Outreach: Staff conducted over 640 hours of telephonic and face to face outreach aimed to connect directly to federal and state level ARNG personnel and supporting organizations. Staff conversed with 615 contacts in 26 focus states with telephone/personal outreach to educate on Give an Hour services and collaboration opportunities. Staff distributed information to over 272 National Guard and community organization contacts in 42 states. Engaged with 177 ARNG staff to share information on Give an Hour. Over 687 person visited the Give an Hour Connected website to gather and share information on services. Give an Hour engaged with 45 new (as compared to 23 GY 2013/14) community organizations for a total of 68 partnerships.


Vetting/Training: Give an Hour vetted and trained 67 new providers for the ARNG Community Consultant volunteer position. Give an Hour Community Consultants have the potential to reach a total of 79,344 National Guard members and their families in their local area. Additionally, in June 2015, Give an Hour began to offer a telehealth service platform and recruited 86 mental health professionals interested in utilizing this service to reach geographically disbursed or impoverished Guard members and their families.


Engagement/Placement: In addition to vetting and training licensed mental health professionals and volunteers to serve the ARNG program, Give an Hour also placed 105 volunteers to help with events, 178 for National Guard outreach and another 190 volunteers to assist with community outreach. Give an Hour’s outreach grew by 245 events, 32 states and 1,637.75 ($245,662.00 valuation) hours of service; over double the amount accomplished in 2013/2014.  Based on average attendance numbers at 245 events, we estimate that Give an Hour reached 94,155 Guard members and families, distributed 61,250 brochures, and reached 1420 state and local organizations serving Guard members and families.


Army Reserve - Due to the widespread successful efforts of the National Guard program, Give an Hour was invited to provide additional support to the Army Reserve via a MOU on 29 July 2015. From July to September 2015, Give an Hour increased its outreach and efforts to the Army Reserve; reaching 333 Reserve personnel and over 2500 reservists and family members with information on our services. In addition, Give an Hour providers who responded to the quarterly survey reported a 50% increase in reserve clients since we added Reserve efforts.

To learn more about the program —please email Erin Timmermans, MPA ( or visit our website to stay informed:

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