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Posted by Katie Civiletto on December 5, 2016 12:20 PM EST
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Self care is important for all of us, especially those of us in the mental health field. I recently read an article by The Mighty that I thought was worth sharing.

I remember learning about the importance of Self Care in a class I took for my old job. Every day of the week long class we started out by naming three things we did as self care the day and night before our class. We weren't allowed to repeat something that was already said, as you can imagine, it got harder as we went around the room. Some answers were simple: "I filled my water bottle before class", "I cut up celery and put peanut butter on it for my snack", "last night, I went for a run.", "I went to the gym"... the list goes on. At first, I didn't understand why we were taking the time to talk about things that we should be doing for ourselves, until I realized all the little things I could and SHOULD be doing for myself but often times decided that it could wait until tomorrow or weren't that important. 

I learned a lot from one week of being cognizant of what I did for self care, and what others did for self care. Ultimately, what opened my eyes the most, was what others considered self care. At that time in my life I was in a job that was challenging in many ways- I wasn't aware of compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma or how I as increasing my risks by not paying attention to Self Care.

The article "101 Self-Care Suggestions for When It All Feels Like Too Much" by Annie Wright, contributor to the Mighty has some great insight on how we can care for ourselves if we are feeling stressed. I will share my favorite part, and allow for you to read on if you wish. 

"Being a human can be a messy, hard, confusing, painful experience sometimes.

So if you or someone you love is going through one of these tough times right now, a time where it all just feels like too much, I want to offer up 101 suggestions for self-care to help you or your loved one get through this time."

To read the full article please visit:

Our team would love to hear from you. Do you have any suggestions or methods of Self Care that work well for you? Or a story you would like to share? We are all in this together! 

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