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Behavioral Health


Where to Find Information and Help

Find links to the most current information on the behavioral health issues facing those who have served and their families.

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February 09

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health shared a video: Serve at Operation Westside Surge

4 months ago

December 08

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health shared a video: What is PTSD? (Whiteboard Video)

7 months ago

November 03

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health shared a video: Depression: Know the Signs and Options for Care

8 months ago

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health shared a video: 4 Steps to Getting Care for Invisible Wounds

8 months ago

October 28

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: Families for Depression Awareness is presenting a free, 1-hour Coping with Stress and Depression webinar on Monday, November 14 at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT featuring Dr. David Brendel, psychiatrist and executive coach, along with Emmie Roe Stamell, mindfulness meditation specialist. Register and watch the recording anytime.

8 months ago

October 23

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: Breakthrough PTSD Program for Veterans to go Nationwide.

8 months ago • 1 comment

Brandy Chalmers photo

Brandy Chalmers @Behavioral Health in reply to Give an Hour Admin: Awesome service!

8 months ago

October 19

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health shared a video: Warrior PATHH: The Video

8 months ago

October 14

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center provides resources for service members, veterans, and their families. Search by audience type at

8 months ago

September 28

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: Do you know the risk factors and warning signs of suicide? Learn the facts from @Guard Your Health: http://www.guardyourhealth.c...

9 months ago

August 02

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: The Readjustment Counseling Services (RCS) of the VA is sponsoring three retreats for OIF/OEF Women Veterans this year. This is a free opportunity. There are two retreats offered this year that still have slots open: Southern California on 28 Oct-2 Nov. and in Alabama, 4-9 of Dec. More information and the required forms are available at: http://www.centerpointretrea...

11 months ago

July 27

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: U.S. Army Battle Buddy app now available in Spanish! Esta aplicación te ayuda a ser un buen Amigo de Batalla dándote las herramientas y la información necesaria para asistir a tu amigo durante una crisis. También ofrece consejos y herramientas para ayudarle a intervenir antes de que la situación alcance proporciones mayores. iTunes store: Google Play store: Microsoft app store:

11 months ago

June 22

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: The Omega Institute is offering scholarships for male veterans to attend their Rhinebeck, NY yoga retreat

1 year ago

June 20

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: There have been major changes to the way the Navy is handling PTS and the discharge process. Dishonorable discharges can be contested. Learn more at

1 year ago

June 14

Give an Hour Admin @Behavioral Health: RAINN offers a very critical service for Spanish-speaking survivors: a confidential peer-support chatroom. La Sala de Ayuda (Helproom) is now open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 to 9 pm ET. This service provides the kind of help that can make such a difference in a survivor's healing process-the knowledge that they are not alone and the opportunity for survivors to support one another. Last year, the National Sexual Assault Hotline expanded to serve Spanish-speaking individuals. Today, Spanish-speaking survivors and loved ones are able to: Read RAINN's top content in Spanish, chat one-on-one with a trained support specialist, access peer support with fellow survivors.

1 year ago


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