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October 11

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: has an up-to-date database of listings for all emergency, legal and law enforcement government offices.

7 months ago

September 06

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: Sign up now with North Point Veterans Program to receive free dental care from Aspen Dental's MouthMobile on Friday Sept 16th in Hagerstown, MD. Contact Jennifer Drake at to make an appointment.

9 months ago

March 24

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: Doing your taxes? Top Five Tax Breaks to Ease the Burden for Military Members -

1 year ago

February 09

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: The Virginia Office of the Attorney General’s is proud to announce the very first pro bono veterans legal services clinic to help veterans create important legal documents including wills, powers of attorney and advanced medical directives. The clinics, in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services and the Virginia State Bar, are available to veterans and their partners in four locations in March, 2016: Tidewater, Richmond, Roanoke, and Northern Virginia, with more clinics anticipated for the future.

1 year ago

January 29

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: Verizon gives automatic discount to 100,000 active duty, retirees, vets — new program announced today.

1 year ago

November 16

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: According to Congress, 2016 will be the Year of TRICARE Reform.  Military Officers Association of America has built a survey instrument to gauge beneficiaries thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions on what “reform” should/would/could look like. They are hoping guard, reserve, active duty, families and retirees participate. The larger the pool of respondents who take the survey, will result in a more powerful analysis. Here is the link to the TRICARE reform survey: http://survey.highroadsoluti...

2 years ago

May 20

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: VA launches campaign to increase Veterans’ economic potential.

2 years ago

April 22

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: The Armed Forces Financial Wellness Challenge (AFFWC) is an exciting, fun and rewarding way for America's veterans, servicemembers and their families to participate in a free, online financial education program. The Challenge kicks-off in April for Financial Literacy Month and lasts through Memorial Day (May 25, 2015).

2 years ago

March 09

Give an Hour Admin @Financial & Legal: The city of Portsmouth, VA is offering a free informational session discussing how organizations can become involved in helping citizens take greater financial control. https://connected.giveanhour...

2 years ago

January 29

Give An Hour @Financial & Legal: There is free tax preparation assistance available in Virginia Beach. Get more information at

2 years ago

January 26

Give An Hour @Financial & Legal: Turbo Tax offers free filing for E1 - E5:

2 years ago

January 23

Give An Hour @Financial & Legal: Military OneSource helps service members and eligible family members by providing access to no-cost financial counseling, tax consultations and secure online tax preparation and filing. Get started on your taxes now by meeting with a trained Military OneSource tax consultant for military-specific advice regarding your tax questions, at no cost. Call 800-342-9647 or visit http://www.militaryonesource... for more information.

2 years ago

October 22

Give An Hour @Financial & Legal: New FREE E-Book just added. Download it to get free financial advice.

3 years ago

September 26

Give An Hour @Financial & Legal: In the Reserves or National Guard and recently returned from deployment? ReserveAid provides financial grants for those in need.

3 years ago

September 18

Give An Hour @Financial & Legal: Like Military Saves on Facebook to get tips on retirement and saving:

3 years ago


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