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Show me on-going volunteer opportunities.

Don't know how you can help? Here is a list of ideas with ways that you can provide service to Give an Hour and our mission. Log-in to the Volunteer Information Center to sign-up for an activity.

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I need to register as an official Give an Hour volunteer.

Give an Hour's recruiting process for volunteers is designed to enlist both mental health and general volunteers who can use their skill-sets, expertise, and business acumen to better the lives of those individuals and families affected by their time in service. Our volunteer process ensures that you are among a dedicated and hand-­picked group of volunteers working in concert to aid our constituency. We respect, value, and appreciate your time and your willingness to volunteer. After registering, you will be emailed information on the Volunteer Information Center Portal.

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I know what I want to sign-up for or I'd like to log my hours.

Log into the volunteer information center to sign-up for an activity or to record the hours you've volunteered. Student Liaisons please click here to log hours.

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I'm Interested in donating money or fundraising.

There are many ways to donate to Give an Hour. Click the button below to see just a few of the options.

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Volunteer Questions?

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Contact Lisa Calixto, Manager of the Volunteer Program:


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Schedule a call with Lisa at

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Student Liaison Program

Still in school? Join Give an Hour's volunteer student liaison program. Students are encouraged to raise awareness and end the stigma on their campus.

Learn more about the program and take the training.

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Already participating? Click here to log your hours.

GAH volunteer badge

Show the world you are a Give an Hour volunteer by right-clicking and saving the image below:

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You can also mark yourself as a GAH volunteer here on Connected by selecting this badge within your profile.