The Connected Warrior Foundation (CWF) provides Kindle Fire and Google Nexus tablet devices to veterans—whether newly-injured or on the path to recovery over an extended period of time—who have suffered severe physical and/or emotional ‘invisible’ wounds (PTSD) during the course of combat on behalf of the United States of America.

CWF provides active support to the families of those veterans as well. Jeffrey Wells - a local wounded military veteran himself - started CWF when he discovered that some of our military soldiers and personnel were being transported to military hospitals with no local family and friends there to visit them and no way of staying connected with family, friends and the outside world. The Kindle Fires and Google Nexus tablet devices keep the wounded veterans connected with the outside world and help keep them occupied while they recuperate in the hospital.

Additionally, the Connected Warrior Foundation has a unique telepresence robot project in the works. These are just a few of the many Connected Warrior Foundation projects.

The goal of the Annapolis-based nonprofit is connection­—both human and technological—and the provision of much-needed support and resources. CWF funds programs, raises awareness, and supports activities to empower wounded veterans and improve their quality of life.