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With the generous support of the United Healthcare Foundation, Give an Hour has launched an initiative in the Houston area in order to support the mental health and emotional well-being of service members, veterans and their families. By creating a comprehensive and integrated system of care, members of the military and Veteran community will be able to access appropriate, confidential, and free mental health care and community support so that they may lead the productive lives they deserve.

Give an Hour is active in the Houston area in order to accomplish the following missions:

  1. Establish collaboration and coordination among local providers, agencies, and organizations serving the military and veteran communities
  2. Identify existing mental health resources and develop concrete action plans to fill gaps and needs
  3. Increase the military/veteran community’s knowledge of resources and services and address any barriers that may impact access to services

Recent Activity

February 23

February 05

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community re-scheduled Women Veterans... Beyond the Uniform

1 year ago

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community scheduled Women Veterans... Beyond the Uniform

1 year ago

January 25

December 15

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community published Operation Military Embrace

2 years ago

December 01

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community re-scheduled Operation Lone Star Santa

2 years ago

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community scheduled Operation Lone Star Santa

2 years ago

November 17

October 22

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community published Service Unites

2 years ago

October 19

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community scheduled Life Beyond the Oath

2 years ago

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community scheduled Virtual Coffee Webinar

2 years ago

October 07

Heather DeShone @Houston Community published Domestic Violence-Men Can Be Victims Too

2 years ago

Heather DeShone @Houston Community published October is Domestic Vioence Awareness Month

2 years ago

October 06

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community re-scheduled Health & Benefits Fair

2 years ago

T'Liza Kiel @Houston Community scheduled Health & Benefits Fair

2 years ago

Texas Veterans App:

texas_veterans_app_2015-01-23-150x248.jpgThe Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has developed a mobile phone app to give Texas veterans quick access to crisis hotlines and other resources. (click on the photo for more information).

For Immediate Help:


To Get Involved:


Use the FREE Give an Hour Mobile App to post pictures and connect during your Houston area events!


To get involved or for questions, please email T'Liza Kiel, Program Coordinator, at or Heather DeShone, Assistant Program Coordinator, at


To become a Give an Hour Volunteer Provider visit

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