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  • Newport, OR
  • (971) 240-3008
Organizational Volunteer

Recent Activity

February 01

JASON BURCIAGO: I sued the United States of America and all its citizens!

2 months ago

January 17

JASON BURCIAGO: Filed ADA complaint of Behalf Native Americans Daniel Lyons and Silas and the Tortured Elderly woman from Klamath Falls Oregon 97601

2 months ago

JASON BURCIAGO: Working on a Mandatory Case for a Local Cherokee Student from Newport Highschool who abused in Foster Care in Oregon Lincoln County!

2 months ago

JASON BURCIAGO: Filed ADA complainnts for Freddie Gray and 13 black student at Roseville High Student assaulted by Security officer at her school filed charges with North Carolina State Troopers!

2 months ago

January 09


2 months ago

JASON BURCIAGO: If I need to be called to testify!

2 months ago

January 06

JASON BURCIAGO: Got appointment for Mexican Consulate

2 months ago

December 05

JASON BURCIAGO: I am trying to report crimes of rape victims but law enforecement, library and the public are interefering with my legal mandatory reporting

4 months ago

October 13

JASON BURCIAGO: Helping student veterans realize their potential!!!

5 months ago • 1 comment


JASON BURCIAGO: Thank you, I know I am very sexy but I am a single Dad with 3 Daughters!!!

5 months ago

JASON BURCIAGO added the badge Organizational Volunteer

5 months ago

My Profile

  • Hometown: Newport, Oregon Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • Organization: BurciagosAngels
  • Occupation: FBI Special Agent in Assessment Phase Portland FO
  • Favorite website:
  • Most recent discovery: Studying Law,Medicine and Human Services/U of O
  • When I'm not online...: Mandatory Reporter
  • What's interesting about me?: Basketball
  • Favorite quote: Stand Alone and One
  • Favorite movie: notebook
  • Favorite book: notebook
  • Favorite song: Haleys Song
  • Favorite sport: Baseball
  • Favorite sports team: chicago cubs
  • Favorite food: pizza
  • Favorite animal: Siberian Tiger

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