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How to Use the Connected Site

Posted by Give an Hour Admin on June 25, 2014 8:25 PM EDT
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Here are some insider tips on how to navigate and get the most out of this site... 

  • Register

Your profile will initially be private. This is a community website so why not change your setting (under Account & Settings below profile quick actions) so other users of the site can see what you're all about?

  • Main Page

Like with most websites, if you click the Give an Hour image at the top you'll get back to the main site page. There's a lot going on there!

  1. The large green rectangle toward the top of the page scrolls. It is full of information and programs GAH is participating in. If you were sent here on a mission, looking for a particular program, chances are you'll find it by scrolling through with the side arrows. 
  2. Just below the green scroller, you'll see four options. Click the category you fall into and voila, you see a page dedicated to your needs. 
  • Participant

This is the number one goal of this site - Participation! Here are some simple ways to get active on this site:

  1. Reply to News, have an opinion on what you just read, have a similar resource? Share it under the News tab.
  2. Have an Event you'd like to publicize? Submit your event, providing basic information, and our web team can spif it up for you and approve your listing. 
  3. Join a discussion (or start a forum) within Collaborations. And if you join a group profile, under collaborations you can contribute to the "What's Happening?" column. Have an article to share? Post it. Know of a service? Post it. Want to ask a question? Post it.
  4. Take part in the Got Your 6 Educational Training Ground.  

Have questions? What to know more? Message me though the site and I'll get right back to you.

Lynne Murphy

Give an Hour Connected site manager
(Profile name: Give an Hour)


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How to Use the Connected Site
Here are some insider tips on how to navigate and get the most out of this site... 
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