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MilSpouse Network Re-Licensure Resources

47664138_m.jpgWelcome to the MilSpouse Network’s Re-Licensure Page!

Here you will find all of the information and resources you need to support you through your journey in getting re-licensed as a mental health professional.

State Re-Licensing Requirements

Be sure to review the re-licensing requirements in the state where you are planning to seek employment.

Licensure Portability - How It Works

HOW IT WORKS-.png expands on the image above and further explains the three options in the state licensing and career credentials initiative.

State licensing requirements vary by state for military spouses.

Those military spouses who require a license to work are encouraged to contact their state licensing board early to inquire about the licensing process.

Efforts have been made to streamline license portability for military spouses using one of three strategies: endorsing existing licenses, issuing temporary licenses, or conducting expedited review processes for military spouses.

Be sure to review the licensing requirements in the state where you are planning to seek employment.

MilSpouse map.png

Ways to Help Other Spouses Going through Re-Licensure

Email the MilSpouse Network program manager at to volunteer as either a clinical supervisor or mentor.

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