Workshop Schedule: Friday, June 26th 10am-6pm & Saturday, June 27th 9am-5pm

Location: The Hill School, 130 South Madison Street, Middleburg, Va, 20117

What is Hold Me Tight?

Hold me tight is an educational workshop for couples who want to strengthen their relationship. Although the Hold Me Tight workshop came out of Sue Johnson's Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Model, Hold Me Tight is not therapy. Think of it more like coaching and teaching instead of therapy. Click here for more information on Hold Me Tight and EFT.

Who should attend a Hold Me Tight Weekend?

This weekend is for any committed couple who want to improve their relationship. You do not have to be married, just committed to one another. You can be in couples therapy already, planning to attend couples therapy afterwards, or never, ever plan on attending couples therapy! Lastly, you do not need to be active duty to qualify for this specific Hold Me Tight weekend; you only need to be a Veteran with post 9-11 military service.

Who should not attend?

If any partner is seriously considering leaving the relationship, we do not recommend this weekend. This also goes for any couple struggling with domestic violence or untreated mental illness or active addiction. Couples and or individual therapy would be a better place to start. Give an Hour is a great resource that provides free mental health counseling for any Veteran or family member that have been impacted by their loved one's post 9-11 service. We are also happy to talk with you about other referrals.

Workshop Format:

  • brief lectures
  • watching videos clips
  • group discussion
  • private exercises with your partner (done away from the group on your own)

What can we learn at a Hold Me Tight Workshop?

A lot! We think you will find this workshop to be fun, educational, and really practical! Our hope is that couples come away with:

  • a new way of understanding their relationship, their partner, and themselves
  • better awareness of how and when they get stuck in negative patterns together
  • a new road map and plan for getting and staying connected to one another


Wait! I thought this was free.... Well it is, but they do require a $100.00 deposit. Spaces are extremely limited, and they want to ensure the folks who register are serious about attending. Paying the deposit will hold your space. This deposit will be returned to you in full at the end of the workshop. However, it will be forfeited should you not show up to the event or cancel your reservation after June 1, 2015. Any forfeited deposits will be donated to the Give an Hour program.

Workshop Presenters:

Melissa Peters, LCSW & Jill Soyka, LCSW. Melissa is a licensed therapist and a certified EFT therapist, and Jill is a licensed therapist with advanced training in EFT. They specialize in working with couples and families, and both have been in the field for over 15 years.