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A Celebration of Service

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National Day of Training Panels

Panelist information and the link to continuing education credit assessments can be found under each panel title.

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Here's what others are saying...

April 07

Lynnette Bukowski: I am a US Navy SEAL's widow and opening LZ-Grace SOF Veterans Retreat ( Truly enjoyed listening to the panel on alternative therapies. My mission is to Heal the Living. Awaiting IRS designation for 501c3 for over 14 months now. I'd love wisdom from anyone here on this as our SOF Veterans need this NOW.

3 years ago

Kailyn Bobb: We are watching from Alliant International University in Sacramento, CA. We were able to make up for the time difference. The panels are amazing!

3 years ago

Give An Hour: For those of you just joining us, the panelist answer questions during the last ten minutes of each panel. Submit your questions now through email.

3 years ago

Kristin Bermudez: Thank you all for sending in your wonderful questions!

3 years ago

Kristin Bermudez: Send in your questions to, we will answer your questions at 10AM

3 years ago

March 28

Vita Waite: I just created an account to get ready for the Celebration of Service coming up. Can't wait to #CelebrateService!

3 years ago

November 19

Give An Hour One: Thank you for joining us tonight. The panelist are taking questions from online viewers. Text or write in your questions.

4 years ago

November 06

Give An Hour One: We will be taking questions from our online views on November 19th. Join in!

4 years ago

June 03

Kristin Bermudez: Remember that panelists will be open to questions. Feel free to share!

4 years ago

John Capps: Good Luck Michael Francis from your colleagues in the UNCW Neuropsychology Lab, We can't wait to hear you speak on our current research and data set.

4 years ago